I’m Not A Psycho Killer!



I’m not one to over react but, when you get a text that says: So not that I want anyone dead but….. and a photo of a hand holding a penny you just have a bad feeling that what’s about to happen next is sure to be reenacted on NCIS.

After a few second of blankly staring down at my phone, scratching my head and quickly looking over my shoulder I decided to text back the number: Who is this? My phone is already ringing from ominous phone number…. “Hey! It’s Shawn from the appliance store! AND I’m not a PSYCHO KILLER! I just realized that you have no idea what my cell number is, it’s just that yesterday when we talked you told me that if it was another penny you were going to kill the tenant…..”

Lesson learned don’t tell the appliance people that you intend to kill a tenant they apparently take way to much joy in watching people getting killed over pennies stuck in washing machines.